Diamond/CBN Double Disc Grinding Wheel for roughing and finishing
Diamond/CBN Double Disc Grinding Wheel for roughing and finishing

Diamond/CBN Double Disc Grinding Wheel for roughing and finishing

Reduced cutting forces 

Increased removal rates 

Increased precision 

Reduced disposal costs 

Reduced machine downtime

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More SuperHard company offers a full line of diamond and CBN grinding wheels and dressing stones for fine grinding machines and single and double side lapping systems. Our vitrified diamond and CBN grinding discs have high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance and abrasive consumption, good surface quality and flatness of the workpiece.


1.Reduced cutting forces 

2.Increased removal rates 

3.Increased precision 

4.Reduced disposal costs 

5.Reduced machine downtime

Applicable Areas:                                                                                                                                                                                  

* Hydraulic pneumatic components. vane pump, conversion valve, piston pump,fuel pump, hydraulic motor parts.

* Compressor spare parts. air conditioner compressor vane, piston, air cylinder, Refrigerator compressor valve plate.

* Engine parts. automobile fuel pump parts, booster pump parts,oil pump nozzle parts.

* High precision shaft ,seal, watch parts, molds, carbide blade, ceramic valve core,magnetic materials,etc       

application of double disc grinding wheel

Various Layouts of double discs:             

 various layouts of diamond double discs

Typical Grinding machine for double disc:

AM Technology,Lapmaster,Melchiorre,Peter Wolters,Stähli...




1A2T diamond wheel1A2T

D: 305mm - 1200mm

X: 3mm - 10mm

T: 50mm -100mm

6A2B diamond wheel6A2B

D: 380mm - 1200mm

W: 150mm - 400mm

X: 3mm - 10mm

Layouts: cylindrical, hexagonal, fan shaped and square

Flatness:<=2μm, parallelism:<=2μm, Roughness: Ra0.02μm-Ra0.2μm

Durability: grinding HSS slide (25mm*25mm), the number of workpiece >= 1million

grinding carbide blade, the number of workpiece >= 1million

Double disc typical grinding machines: AM Technology,Lapmaster,Melchiorre,Peter Wolters,Stähli...



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