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Clearance Angle Grinding

What does clearance angle grinding mean?
By grinding clearance angles and tool flanks on a tool cutter, you
reduce the contact area between the tool and the workpiece later on
during the drilling or milling process.

cnc grinding wheel cnc grinding wheel

How are clearance angles producedon a tool?gashing grinding wheel
The clearance angles on the face and circumferential surface of a
tool are referred to as the axial and radial clearance angles. These
clearance angles provide the tool with a free-cutting property and
simultaneously reduce the feed forces when drilling and milling.

Models:12V9, 11V9, 12V5, 11V5
Clearance angle grinding on all CNC grinding machine Anca, Walter, Ewag, Vollmer, Rollomatic, Strausak ..

Clearance angle grinding specially for grinding Carbides and steels, Including Drills/End mills/Reamers /Micro drills/Mini end mills/Burrs.

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