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CIOE 2018 – China International Optoelectronic Exposition


China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is the world’s largest exhibition in optoelectronic industry. The event presents the entire optoelectronics industry chain and is an annual gathering for the global optoelectronic professionals to network with business partners and discover the future trends.

The four-day event (9.5,2018- 9.8,2018) attracts 1, 700+industry players from 34 countries to display their cutting-edge products and technologies. Topics cover industry segments including intelligent optical networks, bio-photonics, optical lens, camera modules, sapphire emerging applications, key technology of IR imaging, and laser processing.

Pictures From CIOE 2018 Exhibition


Sapphire is widely used in LED sapphire substrates, optical lenses, window materials, watch dials, precision bearings, medical devices and aerospace.

High quality diamond pellets for grinding of all kinds of optical lenses. PU polishing pad for LED and precision optical grinding.

Diamond grinding wheels for grinding Sapphire, silicon wafer and LED.  Rough grinding, finish grinding, chamfering grinding, etc

Ultra thin diamond cutting wheel, the diamond dicing blade

Mono crystal diamond tools for machining optical lens , ultra precision cutting tools

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