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vitrified diamond wheel
grinding wheel for CBN insert
diamond peripheral grinding wheel for cbn insert

Peripheral Diamond Wheel for Indexable Inserts especially CBN inserts

Peripheral Diamond Grinding wheels are used for indexable inserts grinding (tungsten carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, Cermet, CBN inserts)

Model: 6A2T, 6A2M, 11A2B, 12A2T

Grinding Machine: WENDT, WAIDA, AGATHON, EWAG, COBORN, etc.

Product Details

Application Of Peripheral Diamond Grinding Wheels
Mainly used for precise edge grinding of indexable inserts, tungsten carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, CBN inserts.
Materials of workpiece: tungsten carbide, ceramics, metal ceramic PCD/ PCBN inserts, etc.

 Peripheral Diamond Grinding Wheels

vitrified diamond grinding wheels

Peripheral Diamond Grinding wheels for indexable inserts, must be of a high level of geometrical accuracy, with ability of significant material removal. We are able to produce various types wheels to suit all popular machines, such as WENDT, WAIDA, AGATHON, EWAG, COBORN, etc.

Applicable Machines Of Peripheral Diamond Wheels
400 Series: 400 PENTA, 400COMBI, 400SEMI, 400PERI.
350 Series: 350T B, 350COMBI
250 Series: PA250

>AGATHON 400 PENTA 5-axis insert grinder is a fully automatic grinding center of the latest generation providing increased efficiency for insert production, the wheels used on AGATON are up to 400mm diameter. Which can grind most tool geometries with flexible clamping system. AGATHON laser machine can reduce the PCD processing time when make tool insert rough cutting, which can take place the rough grinding sometimes.

400 Series: WAC715, WAC735
350 Series: WAM336


The grinding wheel used on EWAG, diameters of up to 500mm, can reduce 50% produce than their traditional grinding machine which uses 250mm diameter wheels. The EWAMATIC LINEAR is a high-precision grinding machine which manufacture tools, indexable inserts and rotationally-symmetrical tools in PCD, PCBN and other hard metal. Year 2018, UNITED GRINDING offers it’s EWAG PROFILE LINE, The machine integrates both EWAG ProGrindg and WALTER HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO into it’s FANUC control unit to further expand the range of applications and improve insert geometries

grinding wheel for ewag machine


6a2m grinding wheel 6a2t grinding wheel 11a2b grinding wheel 12a2t grinding wheel

Model Suitable Machine D(mm) H(mm) W(mm) T(mm) X(mm)
WAIDA:AP460E 200 60 6,8,10,12 45 6
Wendt:400 Series 400 336 6,8,10,12,15 39 6
Agathon:350 Series 350 200 6,8,10,12,15 27 6
Agathon:400 Series 400 340 6,8,10,12,15 28 6
6A2H EWAG WS Series


150 40 4 6 10 15 20 40 5 6 8 10
2A2T WENDT WCD 350 310 5 10 17.5 45 6
Other size can be produced according to customers’ requirement

Case of peripheral grinding wheel

Vitrified bond Diamond Wheel for PCD Peripheral Grinding
Wheel size 11A2-Ø200-W10-X10-H40
Wheel grit D16 C125
Wheel speed 12M/S
Coolant Oil
Machine EWAG Compact line
Press feed on pressure at 130-140 Nm
Work life 0.007mm/plate

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