Grinding characteristics of electroplated diamond abrasive belt

August 11, 2020

electroplated diamond sand belt

In the development of modern industry, electroplated diamond sand belt is widely used in industrial production because of its special structure of multi-faceted blade, and enjoys the reputation of "universal grinding". With the gradual improvement of the quality requirements for the workpiece, the processing of the original sand belt technology can no longer meet the strict standard requirements. In the industrialized countries, electroplated diamond sand belt has been widely used in grinding and polishing of hard and brittle materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, composite materials, crystal, aerospace and silicon materials.

Compared to a diamond grinding wheel

diamond grinding wheel

Diamond solidified grinding wheel is a rigid abrasive. In the process of grinding, there are problems such as poor self-sharpness, easy edge breakage and high product rejection rate. Especially for hard and brittle material workpiece that needs to be processed into curved surface, such as automobile windshield, it is difficult to keep the processed surface in its original shape when grinding with rigid grinding wheel.

For example, when using a grinding wheel edging machine to perform straight bottom grinding on glass, multiple diamond wheels are needed to complete, and the feeding speed of grinding is slow and the efficiency is low, which is easy to cause 3mm cracking of thin glass. If arc grinding is to be carried out, chamfering machine or circular edging machine should also be used. With the cross strip grinder, only two electroplated diamond strips are needed to complete the grinding of the straight and curved edges. The whole operation is completed on the working table with universal wheel. The grinding speed is fast and it is more suitable for the industrial production of the assembly line.

Compared with resin diamond sand belt

resin diamond sand belt

Resin diamond abrasive belt USES resin as binder, which also has the double advantages of softness of traditional coated abrasive tools and high hardness of diamond. However, in the grinding process, heat accumulates next to the diamond. If it cannot be immediately exported or discharged, the temperature here will rise immediately, leading to the melting of the binder. The diamond falls off before it has fully played its role, and its service life is short. Therefore, resin diamond sand belt must be cooled by water for grinding, and its cost performance is far less than that of diamond electroplating sand belt, which limits its application and promotion.

The properties of different coating patterns of electroplated sand belts are different

electroplated sand belts are different  electroplated sand belts are different  electroplated sand belts are different  electroplated sand belts are different

The grinding efficiency of diamond electroplated abrasive belt is high not only because of the hardness of diamond abrasive itself, but also because of the particularity of its coating pattern. At present the market sells the pattern form mainly has the dot type, the arrow type, the half-moon type, the X type and so on.

Dot pattern: the size of the plating point is mainly 1mm and 1.6mm. The sand belt of this pattern has good flexibility, relatively soft grinding, delicate edge without bursting edge, but the sharpness of grinding is not as good as other patterns of sand belt.

Arrow type and other patterns: strong grinding performance, faster edge grinding speed, life increased by 20%, efficiency increased by 20% ~ 30% (CNC equipment grinding glass test results), but the sand belt flexible performance is a little bit poor, tensioning shaft diameter small easy to cause arrow cracking.