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Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel
Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel
Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel

Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel

Type: 1FF1, 1FF6Y

Suited for all kinds of single/double round edge machines, bevel machines,etc…

Glass Grinding machine: Deway DYM1 Glass Shape Edging/Bevelling Machine,Ervin Sales Glass Shape Beveling Machine…

Grinding wheel speed: RPM 2880/min.

For glass thickness: 3-20 mm

Product Details

Pencil edge  profile Metal bond diamond wheel sintered by emery and copper powder and carbon powder with 45# steel matrix.

Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel with a round or straight concave edge for glass edge grinding. Suit for all kinds of shape edging machine.
Metal Diamond Grinding wheels are mainly used for machining quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, ceramics, glass, composite, sapphire, ferrite, refractory, thermal spraying materials and so on.

pencil edge grinding wheel pencil edge grinding wheel

Application of metal Diamond Pencil grinding wheel 

Metal Diamond Pencil grinding wheel can grind safety glass, automotive glass, appliance glass,float glass, engineering glass, furniture glass, solar photovoltaic glass, optical lens,quartz crystal ceramics, ceramic, stone, marble table, etc. Metal Diamond Pencil grinding wheel is suitable for glass edge of straight line, semicircle, duckbill shape molding grinding

Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel is widely used in architecture glass, furniture glass, electrical glass, lighting glass, handicraft glass, automotive glass, solar glass and so on.

Applicable  Grinding machine: 

* PE profile metal bond diamond whee use on:

* Single/double round edge machine

* Bevel machine backing

* Arris machine

* Chamfering cnc machine for pencil round edge and, or inverted R Angle

 pencil edge grinding

Advatanges of Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel
1. Good formed and sharp few breaking edges
2. Excellent edqe quality prevent chippinq,smooth edge after grinding.
3. High grinding efficiency,Long life.
4. Durable, Sharp and wearable.
5. Quick removal of uneven edges of glass.
6. Good dynamic balance, no beating or shaking phenomenon

Technology tips:

1. In the glass industry, generally the thickness below 19mm, if thickness more than  25mm is mostly laminated glass.

2. Select the thicker of the groove of grinding wheel at least thicker 1mm than glass thickness

3. The larger of diameter pf grinding wheel with more the processing glass meters.

Characteristics of  PE profile metal bond diamond wheel:

* Sharper, good dynamic balance

* No beating or shaking phenomenon

* High speed with high work efficiency

* Good formed and sharp few breaking edges

Cases of Moresuperhard metal diamond pencil edge grinding wheel

Moresuperhard metal diamond grinding whgeel workpiece
Type: 1EEY6 Float glass
Specification: D200*H90*T20*X6 Glass thickness:10-12mm
Body  Cupfer/Aluminium
Grit D107/D126
Concentration: C150

Case of Diamond Profile Wheel for Italian brandSchiati Round Edger

pencil edge grinding Diameter(mm) Hole(mm) Glass thickness(mm) Grit(mm)
175 25 3,4,5,6,8,10 80.150


Schiatti Round Edger groove size 4 x 8mm

Choose the suitable grinding wheel according to the machine or glass

Edging machine Diameter
For manual edging machine process small glass 35mm-100mm
For special-shaped machines 100mm-150mm
Doors or tables medium glass CNC machines  100 diameterx22mm
For Shape or arris grinding machine three wheel such as 150# or 180# or 240# for thin glass.
For processing automotive glass 175mm and 200mm

Specification of metal diamond pencil dege grinding wheel

Diameter(mm) Hole(mm) Diamond layer(mm) Grit(#)
35 12, 22, 50


2, 3 , 3.5 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19 80, 100, 150, 180, 240



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