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The Industrial Revolution


The industrial Revolution was a catalyst in the rapid and gigantic growth of the auto and heavy machinery industries. As more and more “difficult-to-grind” materials and alloys were being used by these industries, the demand for higher quality, effective, and durable machine tools for cutting, grinding, and machining such materials continued to grow. As a result, super abrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools were invented to meet the needs of these industries and their heavy requirements. Today, development and use of these specialized tools have expanded to various industries, as demand never ceases and new applications are being discovered. One of the most demanded tools is the “resin-bonded wheel”, which is manufactured through the curing process of bonding diamond or CBN abrasives, with inorganic fillers, and using resins as binders, such as phenol and polymer. Resin bonded wheels are now effectively applicable to ail sorts of grinding operations such as surface grinding, cylindrical and centerless grinding, grooving and internal grinding, etc. It is ideally used for grinding super alloys, cermet, ceramic, glass, ferrite, high-speed steel, tool alloys, and many other new ultra-hard materials.

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