How to select dressing wheel?

May 05, 2022

In the grinding process, dressing plays a vital role in continuous and consistent processing, and dressing is divided into shaping and sharpening. Shape modification: The shape of the grinding wheel changes during the grinding process, and it is necessary to restore the grinding wheel to the desired state (including shape and accuracy, etc.) by dressing. Sharpening: abrasive will become blunt in the process of work, need to be blunt repair, new abrasive, sharp and leakage.

Dressing tool in mobile will leave a mark on the surface of the workpiece, trimming effect is largely depends on the trace of them is what kind of state, usually by lowering the speed of finishing to improve, dressing, the problem is the problem of surface finish and burn, trim speed is reduced, trim will be close to some, but if the original trim speed is small, If it continues to go down, it will take more time, and the finish of the surface after repairing is not ideal, so the dressing speed is not the smaller the better. Think about efficiency.
In addition to the dressing speed, we generally adjust the feeding amount. When the dressing amount is very small, the gap may not be repaired. With the increase of the number of knives, there may be no improvement before and after the dressing.

dressing    diamond roller dresser

Diamond roller dresser  is a newly developed dressing tool, which is easy to dress various complex forming surfaces, short dressing time, good surface precision, convenient dressing operation and so on. Its use effect has been gradually recognized by people, in production has also been more and more widely used.

In the case of obtaining the same roughness value requirements, it should be used as far as possible to avoid accelerated roller wear due to high relative speed. However, the workpiece burns and the low yield of grinding are closely related to the particle size of diamond roller, and the selection of diamond particle size must meet the requirements of workpiece smoothness and dimensional accuracy.

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