Selection of Grinding Fluid for Double Disc Grinding(DDG) Mahcine

September 27, 2021

Double disc grinding requires high grinding fluid, good grinding fluid can improve the surface quality of workpiece and prolong the service life of grinding wheel. The selection of grinding fluid must meet the following requirements:

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1. Having good cooling effect. There is surface contact between grinding wheel and workpiece in double disc grinding. The contact area is large, and the temperature generated by extrusion and friction during grinding is very high, so the coolant needs to enter the grinding area for cooling in time, and it is not easy to deteriorate after repeated use.

2. Having good lubrication effect. The lubrication effect of the grinding fluid is good, which can protect the grinding wheel and the workpiece at the same time, reduce the resistance during grinding, improve the processing efficiency and the surface quality of the workpiece. Good lubrication effect is also shown in good chip separation effect, that is, it plays a lubricating role, but the chip is not easy to bond to the workpiece or grinding wheel surface, the separation effect is good. At the same time, the general grinding fluid is alkaline, and its PH value must be strictly controlled (generally 9~10, not more than 11). If the alkalinity is too strong, it will neutralize and corrode the acidic resin grinding wheel, soften the grinding wheel, and reduce the service life of the grinding wheel.

3. Having good cleaning effect. The double disc grinding wheel is generally used for resin bond grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is consumed, solid resin and abrasive are also peeling off, and there are small grinding chips. For a long time grinding, there will be a high temperature in the protective shell and pipe of the grinding wheel. If the cleaning effect is not good, these off resin, abrasive chips, abrasive will again consolidate together, block pipes, corrosion machine tools. The grinding fluid is recycled by water pump, so the water pump is required to have a certain pressure and flow, and the pressure of the main shaft water pipe at both ends of the double end face grinding should be equal to maintain a basic balance.

4. Having good anti-rust effect. Generally, the grinding fluid is more water-based, and the workpiece is easy to be oxidized in the grinding process and after the manufacturing process. Therefore, the grinding fluid must have a good anti-rust effect to ensure that the workpiece does not rust in the manufacturing process. In addition, such as grinding fluid rust prevention effect is not good, the machine tool is very corrosive, high temperature grinding of alkaline steam will corrode the machine tool surface paint, electrical appliances and all parts of the machine tool, long time use will affect the life of the machine tool.

   Therefore, good grinding fluid not only can improve the surface quality of workpiece and prolong the service life of grinding wheel, but also can protect the perofrmance of grinding machine and promise the working accuracy.




---EDITOR: Julia Zhang

---POST: Doris Hu


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