Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel for PCD & CBN tools grinding

July 03, 2019

vitrified diamond grinding wheel

PCD and CBN cutting tools are widely used in metal cutting and processing nowadays. The quantity demanded has a 20 times increased in last 5 years. To fit the social more complex needs and rapid development of science and technology, tools manufacturer’s demands for higher precision and better grinding efficiency are also increasing as well. “More Super Hard Products” devotes to offer an efficiency and economic solution in PCD and CBN cutting tools grinding.

pcd grinding, vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Improved bond systems

Besides choice of the correct diamond girt, the bond system is the key to get superior grinding result. Great effort is made to innovate and improve the previous bond system. Several exclusive bond system lines (no porosity series, high porosity series) are offered to meet different grinding purpose. 

Super-fine girt size available

With the demand of extremely smooth cutting edge, we recommend super-fine grit size wheel to customers. D3(4000#) and D7(3000#) grit size now are available, they provide you superior cutting edge chipping <5 μm.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel, 6a2 diamond cup wheel super fine vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel

Features of vitrified diamond wheel for pcd cbn tool grinding

Shorter set-up times

Easy to dress

Stable grinding performance based on improved bond system

Cutting-edge chipping <5 μm through the use of super-fine grit size

Multiple bond systems aim at different working condition

Recommended Parameter of vitrified diamond wheel for pcd cbn tool grinding

Grinding wheel speed ---- 14 ~ 26 m/s

Dressing wheel speed ---- 6 ~ 26 m/s

Dressing amount    ---- 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm

Oscillation         ---- 10 ~ 120 passed/min

pcd grinding, vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Application example 1: vitrified diamond wheel for pcd pcbn tool grinding

Grinding machine

EWAG EasyGrind




PCD insert (brazed, include carbide )

Grinding Parameters

Feed Rate

Vf = 2mm/min



Cutting Speed



1, 35%-time savings

2, 20% working life time increase

3, Chipping < 10μm