What is grinding?

May 08, 2020
Basic knowledge of grinding
What is grinding?
Grinding processing is a processing method that removes excess layers on the surface of the workpiece by means of the cutting effect of the abrasive tool, so that the surface quality of the workpiece reaches predetermined requirements. 
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Common forms of grinding are usually: external cylindrical grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, thread grinding, workpiece surface grinding, forming surface grinding, etc.
What is an abrasive tool? What is the composition of the grinding wheel? What factors determine its performance?
All tools used for grinding, grinding and polishing are collectively called abrasives, and most abrasives are made of abrasives and bonding agents.
The grinding wheel is composed of abrasive grains, binder and pores (sometimes not), its performance is mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness and organization.
What are the types of abrasives?
The abrasive is directly responsible for the cutting work, and should have high hardness, heat resistance and certain toughness, and it can form sharp edges and corners when broken. 
At present, there are three types of abrasives commonly used in production: oxides, carbides and high-hardness abrasives. Commonly used abrasives are white corundum, zirconium corundum, cubic boron carbide, artificial diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc.