The effect of binder content on diamond wheels

March 19, 2020
The effect of binder content on diamond wheels
diamond wheels
Effect on diamond wheel hardness.
The hardness of the grinding wheel refers to the ease with which the superhard abrasive falls off the grinding wheel. The harder the abrasive particles fall off, the higher the hardness of the grinding wheel.In general, the more the combined dose, the stronger the abrasive is held, the more difficult the abrasive particles fall off, and the higher the hardness of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel has a bad cutting edge during grinding, which is prone to grinding.The life of the diamond grinding wheel will increase, but the surface of the composite sheet is prone to chipping. It is necessary to properly grind the grinding wheel to avoid grinding cause waste.
Effect on the content of binder and the bonding strength of diamond abrasive.
The hardness of the composite sheet itself is very high. During the grinding process of the outer circle, the diamond on the surface of the grinding wheel is subjected to a large grinding force and impact force. If the ceramic bonding dose is too small, the ceramic bonding agent does not retain the diamond enough, causing some diamonds to begin to fall off without fully performing the grinding action, resulting in a shorter ceramic diamond wheel life. When there are too many binders, the hardness of the grinding wheel is too large, and the sharpness is not enough, which will easily cause the composite sheet to collapse and increase the rate of waste.
Effect on the structure of the grinding wheel.
Because the particle size of the binder used is finer than that of diamond, and the binder will be densified during the firing process. The increase of the binder content in the ceramic diamond grinding wheel, the denser the grinding wheel structure, the grinding wheel is prone to blockage, and the grinding can not be moved. It is often necessary to use a common grinding wheel to sharpen the superhard material grinding wheel, remove the excess binding agent, and make new diamonds participate Down-to-ground grinding reduces the working efficiency of the grinding wheel.