How to use diamond grinding wheel to grind R0.01 radius on a PCD tool tip?

March 05, 2020
How to use diamond grinding wheel to grind R0.01 radius on a PCD tool tip?
PCD Tool grinding
Recently our diamond grinding wheels for PCD tool used on MYTECH PCD grinding machine have a sucessful test on grinding R0.01mm radius on a PCD tool. This test was finished on Mr Du’s factory, one of our customers.
Grinding wheel: D150*H40*T40 from More Superhard Products Co., Ltd
Grit for finishing:W5
Bond agent: Vitrified
As we all know to guarantee the precision of PCD tips edge quality, the diamond grinding wheels for finishing should has smooth surafce and in the diamond layer has no imputities.
In order to reach R0.01mm radius on pcd tip, when choosing the grit of diamond grinding wheel should be very strict. To get such a super fine finish, we suggest you use W5 or W3.5 Grit wheel.As coarse grit can not used to grind high presision radius.
Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD tool enjoys the following features:
1. Good self-sharpening
2. Superior Edge Quality&excellent cutting edges
3. Less heat and jam generated in grinding
4. Increased Production rates&long lifespan
Moresuperhard has devoted to PCD grinding, cutting, brazing Solutions for many years, and PCD grinding wheels have been widely used in MYTECH,Farman,Corborn, ANCA, Ewag and other PCD grinding machines.
Normal size we make:
Grit selection:
Super fine grinding:W3.5,W5,W7,
fine grinding: W10,W14
Medium grinding:W20,W28
Rough grinding:W40,325/400
For Vitrified diamond grinding wheels for pcd we can make two kinds according to your requirements: One kind is with porous; the other kind is without porous.
More info. of PCD grinding Solution you can clink
Grinding Machine: MT-188 by Shou Zuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
1. MT-188 is easy to operate, it can manufacture and regrind insert tools very economically;
2. MT-188 can not only grind cutting tools which is made of PCD/PCBN, but also tungsten carbide and HSS tools;
3. MT-188 PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine is a versatile machine, perfectly suited for manufacture and resharpen high-quality tools.
To reach R0.01, on the pcd grinding machine you should use 200x high resolution camera and measurement system, also use coolant System ,Wheel Dresser,etc:
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1.PCD cutting tool blanks, we can use EDM wire cutting machine or laser machine to cut it into piece according to ur drawing
2.High frequency welding machine
3. Vacuum welding machine
4. PCD grinding machine
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