Several common types of diamond abrasive belts

March 01, 2020
Several common types of diamond abrasive belts
diamond abrasive belts
With high efficiency, high life, high surface machining quality and environmental protection characteristics, diamond belt has been paid more and more attention in the field of hard and brittle metal materials precision machining,especially with the decrease of diamond price, its application field will be expanded gradually. There are a wide range of diamond abrasive belt products abroad, and there is a tendency to replace ordinary abrasive belts in the processing of hard and brittle materials and high-precision grinding.
Diamond abrasive belts are currently divided into three categories according to the service life of tool performance and the degree of difficulty in manufacturing: resin-coated abrasive belts, resin-dispensed abrasive belts, and electroplated-dispensed abrasive belts.
Resin-Coated abrasive belts.This type of abrasive belt is a uniform coating of the resin on the entire surface of the substrate, so that the abrasive is distributed at a certain density on the entire surface of the substrate.This type of abrasive belt manufacturing method currently has manual coating type and mechanical coating type. Due to the long service life of the super-hard abrasive belts and the small scale of production, in order to reduce equipment costs, manual coating or semi-manual and semi-mechanical manufacturing processes can be adopted when there is no requirement on performance. However, the manual coating process cannot control the uniformity of the abrasive and the binder, and the discontinuity in the production process, which makes the working surface of the abrasive belt uneven in thickness, uneven in the distribution of the abrasive, and uneven in the orientation of the abrasive.
Resin-Dispensed abrasive belts.The main features of this type of product are that its manufacturing equipment is simpler than that of coated products, and the investment is small. The dispensing type can improve the defects of the comprehensive resin coated products. Due to the uniform distribution of gaps in the dispensing products, Improved grinding performance when cutting plastic materials or during dry grinding.
Electroplated-Dispensed abrasive belts.This is a more common type produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers. The main features are the simple production equipment for electroplated abrasive belts, and the high bonding strength of electroplated abrasive belts. The abrasion resistance and temperature resistance are higher than those of resins, however, the problems of the strength of the base material of the electroplated annular belt and the strength of the base joint need to be further solved.