What can we supply for the HVOF?

January 05, 2021

More SuperHard provides a full range of thermal spray coating solution and service which includes OD grinding, inside grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and polishing, etc.   We have been present on the Thermal Spraying Coating industry for over 10 years .


Thermal Spray Coating Process
Thermal Spray technologies includ Flame wire spray, Arc spray, Plasma spray, HVOF or HVAF , Detonation Spray, Cold spray .Thermal spraying technology is widely used in aerospace, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, coal, railway, textile and many other departments .

 Thermal Spray Coating Process


Cylindrical Wheels for Carbide Coated (carbide roll)

 Cylindrical Wheels for Carbide Coated (carbide roll)


Cylindrical wheels is used for grinding and finishing of thermal spray coatings ( including tungsten carbide , chrome carbide and chrome oxide ), ceramics, carbides, chilled iron composites and other hard-to-grind materials.


 Cylindrical wheels Cylindrical wheels



Dressing stone                             

 Dressing stone

Special CBN Dressing wheel

Special CBN Dressing wheel

Silicon carbide dressing wheel                          

 Silicon carbide dressing wheel                 

Diamond dresser points

Diamond dresser points


Diamond Sanding Belts for HVOF WC coatings

Diamond sanding abrasive belt is a kind of coated abrasive tool, which is superhard material

(synthetic diamond) abrasive particles adhesive to the flexible base by the bond.

 Diamond Sanding Belts for HVOF WC coatings Diamond Sanding Belts for HVOF WC coatings


► Bond:  Metal nickel plating electroplated bond & Resin bond (resin bond also consists of flexible and hard type)

► Length: 150mm - 5000mm

► Width: 5mm - 30mm

► Grit: #40 - #5000





Grinding Force

Surface Quality


It can be used for dry and wet grinding, from rough to finish polishing

Superior grinding force


Electroplated >Resin





More flexible bond, the flexible bond can be used for wet grinding, And hard resin bond can be used for dry grinding, from finish grinding to super finish polishing


Relatively slow and stable grinding speed, and can reach a better polishing effect


Hard resin >Flexible resin


Flexible resin > Hard resin



Diamond & CBN Flap Disc and hand pads for the coating

 Diamond & CBN Flap Disc and hand pads for the coating Diamond & CBN Flap Disc and hand pads for the coating

Grit: 40#--600#

Size: 4 inches, 4.5 inches and 5 inches, other size available on request

*No need dressing