Types of DIA and CBN

December 11, 2019
Types of DIA and CBN
Types of DIA and CBN
D-Natural diamond
SD- Synthetic diamond 
SDC- Synthetic diamond with metal coating 
CBN- Cubic Boron Nitride
CBNC- Cubic Boron Nitride with metal coating 
Type of bond
M-- Metal bond
Sintering with metal powder and DIA or CBN abrasive.
Abrasive is strong-retention,heat-resistant,superior wear resistance. Used for easily deformed job or job required higher grinding performance,especially in grinding and cutting for glasses,lens,iron oxides,ceramics. And the conditions are both dry grinding and wet grinding.
B-Resin bond
Formed condensed of synthetic resin.
Compared with metal bond, the retention of resin bond is lower , but grinding ability is highlighted and the abrasive is flowable. The feature is high grinding with low loading . Dry grinding and wet grinding are both excellent with wide use. Most suitable for grinding carbide, high speed steel and other materials.
V - Vitrified bond 
Formed condensed of substances such as glass and magnetic.
Abrasive is strong-retention, heat-resistant. Compared with metal bond, the grinding ability is higher. Compared with resin bond, the service life is longer. Most suitable for PCD,PCBN,natural gemstone and other materials.
P - Method of electroplating
Fix the DIA or CBN abrasive by method of electroplating. Suitable for the grinding job that is easily causing loading and deformation. Also suitable for the job with high requirement on grinding.

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