Rotary diamond dresser for dressing grinding wheel

October 27, 2021

The grinding quality of raceway is the primary condition to determine its size and profile accuracy after grinding.
Bearing raceway grinding methods are divided into swing method, cut method and forming method. Among them, the cutting method is the most common. The method used is to dress the grinding wheel into the required raceway shape and then directly process the raceway shape by the cutting grinding wheel. The surface topography of the grinding wheel will be reflected on the machining surface. Therefore, the dressing accuracy of grinding wheel working surface is the key to affect the machining quality of bearing raceway。

The dressing methods of grinding wheel can be divided into mechanical dressing method, electric machining dressing method and other dressing methods。 

 Single point diamond dresser dressing method and rotary diamond dresser dressing method in mechanical dressing method are mainly used for grinding wheel of bearing raceway grinding. Single point diamond pen dressing method has the advantage that dressing device is simple and easy to adjust for different groove curvature, but for multi-raceway grinding, it has the disadvantage that groove spacing is difficult to ensure. Diamond roller has the characteristics of high dressing efficiency, high dressing accuracy and stable dressing size, especially for precise dressing of complex surface.

rotary diamond dresser

In the grinding process, due to the high temperature and mechanical load caused by the friction between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the grinding wheel gradually loses its cutting ability and vibrates and burns, which greatly affects the surface integrity of the machined workpiece.
In order to restore good sharpness and correct shape precision of grinding wheel, it is necessary to dress the grinding wheel regularly.

The principle of diamond dressing roller is that the roller repairs the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel repairs the workpiece. The grinding grain of the roller is harder than that of the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel can be restored to its initial state.

At present there are diamond dressing grinding wheel dressing methods mainly pen and diamond roller dressing, diamond dressing pen, took the form of turning to dressing of grinding wheel, is reciprocating cutting feed mode, the modification method, simple and convenient operation, low cost, but for modalities such as bearing ring, blade plate card roots, worm gear, wire, screw, etc. The bearing sleeve is round and the track has multiple grooves of curvature, so it is difficult for the diamond pen to dress the grinding wheel of the workpiece on the complex surface. At this time, it is necessary to use the Diamond roller of Shili, and the diamond roller dressing can more effectively ensure the surface quality of the processed workpiece. Diamond roller dressing grinding wheel is different from diamond pen. Shili diamond roller is in contact with the working face of the whole grinding wheel width in the dressing process. The cut dressing method can be formed in one time, with short dressing time and high efficiency. .

The precision of diamond roller is high, reflecting the contour of the inner hole, the outer circular surface of the working layer, and the concentricity, etc.



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