Metal bond Diamond/CBN honing stone

November 16, 2019
Metal bond Diamond/CBN honing stone
Metal bond Diamond/CBN honing stone
Metal bond Diamond/CBN honing oil stone is mainly used for fine grinding. It is suitable for fine grinding of automobile, diesel engine, motorcycle, tractor engine, the hydraulic cylinder bore of cylinder, hydraulic pump inner bore, cylinder block, valve, oil cylinder nozzle, compressor, air compressor cylinder hole and other series cylinder hole, blind hole, hole, the inner surface of the spline hole. 
Workpiece material is cast iron, tool steel, die steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, high temperature alloy steel, copper, bronze, aluminum alloy, ceramic and other deep hole boring and processing areas.
Metal bond diamond/cbn honing stone with high efficiency, high precision, low consumption, good dressing workpiece geometry. It is life is about 500 times of traditional honing oil stone, 1 to 2 times higher machining efficiency, finish 2-3 level can be improved.
Machineļ¼šSunnen,  Nagel, Delapean, Gehring, Kadia, Nissin, Engis, Fuji,  Mas and other honing machines.
Tools: It can be used for honing heads, single-stone honing tools, multi-stone honing tools, etc.

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