MORESUPERHARD Visits Grinding Technology Japan 2019

March 18, 2019

MORESUPERHARD Visits Grinding Technology Japan 2019diamond / cbn wheel

''Grinding Technology Japan 2019” will be held over three days from March 18 (Mon) to March 20 (Wed), 2019 at Makuhari Messe Exhibit Hall 1.

GrindTec is the international specialised trade fair concerning tool grinding technology and round, flat, profile and centreless grinding in connection with tool grinding and grinding tool and knife production.

Grinding is a processing technique that is responsible for the finishing process after cutting and this means that it requires a high level of precision. However, as there are many uncertain elements, it remains a difficult process requiring skill and high-level technology.

Grinding Technology Japan 2019 is a “problem solving exhibition” where people with problems in the processing field can come and learn about solutions to their own problems.

diamond / cbn wheel

Grinding Forum 21, a group comprised mainly of members from the regrinding industry, will be participating as a special sponsor for Grinding Technology Japan 2019. And the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology, which mainly conducts research in grinding field, will also participate as a special partner.

Our General Manager Joe attend this GrindTec and have a deep discussion with advantaged company representatives about grinding technology, and learn more about latest technology and knowledge of grinding problems.

diamond / cbn wheel

diamond / cbn wheel

During the GrindTec, Joe is busy to look for grinding and raw materials to improve our own technology in lifespan of our grinding wheels.

diamond / cbn wheel

In addition, the main machine Joe wants to find is Dynamic Balance Machine and Synchronous on-line Detection Device. These machine can give a better detection of grinding wheel balance and can make sure that we can make high precision and strict tolerance grinding wheels.

dynamic balance machine

online detective machine

Online inspection can get timely data adjustment, ensure the quality of grinding or analysis of the reasons for defective grinding workpiece.