How to solve DDG Grinding Wheel problems?

March 04, 2021

How to solve DDG Grinding Wheel problems?

1.      During the grinding process, the CBN grinding wheel burns workpiece

  • The hardness of the CBN wheel is on the high side, should replace the proper grinding wheel
  • Coolant nozzle direction is wrong or the flow is not sufficient: Adjust the direction of the nozzle of the coolant and increase the flow
  • The dressing of CBN wheel is not sufficient: Replace CBN grinding wheel dresser and carry out new grinding wheel dressing
  • The feed rate of workpiece is too high: Reduce the amount of feed appropriately

Ø  Coolant filtration is not clean: Re-check and adjust the cooling system


2.      Poor discontinuity of grinding workpiece size discontinuity

  • The selected grinding wheel is too hard: Replace the grinding wheel with appropriate hardness


3.      The chatter marks on CBN grinding wheel surface

  • Too high feed rate: Decrease the feed rate
  • Hard grinding wheel: Decrease the hardness, improve the workpiece rotate speed and accelerate the dressing
  • Uneven grinding wheel: re-dress the grinding wheel; Machine vibration: check the vibration of the machine and the surrounding environment.


4. Poor continuity of grinding wheel size

  • The hardness of the selected grinding wheel is too low: replace the grinding wheel with the proper hardness.


5.     Poor surface roughness of the workpiece after grinding

  • The speed of the workpiece is too slow: speed up the workpiece
  • Coolant is not filtered adequately: check that the filtering system adjusting the coolant is working properly
  • Large feed speed: suitably slow down the feed speed
  • The speed of grinding wheel is too low: adjust the grinding wheel rotation speed
  • Grinding wheel dressing is not in place: adjust or replace the CBN grinding wheel dresser for new dressing
  • The grit the selected grinding wheel is not matched: change the grit of the matching grinding wheel

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♦ Engine parts. automobile fuel pump parts, booster pump parts, oil pump nozzle parts
♦ High precision shaft ,seal, watch parts, molds, carbide blade, ceramic valve core, magnetic materials, etc

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