Grinding Wheel for Automobile Crankshaft

February 28, 2019


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.Grinding Wheel for automobile crankshaftGrinding Wheel for automobile crankshaft

What is the crankshaft?

What is the crankshaft?

The main rotating mechanism of the engine, after the connecting rod is installed, can take up and down (reciprocating) movement of the connecting rod into a cyclic (rotating) motion. It is an important part of the engine. Its material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron. It has two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod neck, and (among others).

Process Analysis - When grinding the quenched steel crankshaft thrust surface, the following three types of burns may occur

diamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheel

*Tempering burn: If the temperature of the grinding zone does not exceed the phase transition temperature of the hardened steel, but exceeds the transformation temperature of the martensite, the tempered martensite structure of the surface metal of the thrust surface will be converted into a tempering with lower hardness. Tissue (Sorst or orthodont), this burn is called temper burn.    

 *Quenching burn: In addition to the quenching effect of the coolant, the surface metal is quenched twice, causing the surface metal to have a secondary quenched martensite structure, the hardness of which is higher than that of the original tempered martensite, in its lower layer, due to cooling Slower, there is a tempering structure with a lower hardness than the original tempered martensite. This type of burn is called quenching burn.

Annealing burn: If the temperature of the grinding zone exceeds the phase transition temperature, and no coolant enters in the grinding zone, the surface metal will produce annealed structure, and the surface hardness will drop sharply. This burn is called annealing burn. In the crankshaft forming grinding, it is mostly such a burn.

Crankshaft grinding wheel 

diamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheel

Vitrified CBN grinding wheel is used for grinding the end face, piston ring, gasket, filling piece, compressor part, semiconductor material, magnetic material, cutter, the stator of vane pump, rotor, blade end, precision spring, etc

diamond / cbn wheel

The crankshaft grinding process is a subdivision of external cylindrical plunge grinding.  In this application, both the journals and pins are ground to size. The pin bearings are generally ground with a single grinding wheel. This is used to machine the individual pin bearings in sequence. As the journals are all located on one axis, these can be machined in a single pass with a set of grinding wheels