Diamond dresser attach with diamond pallets

August 25, 2021

Diamond Pallets Dressing Wheel

diamond pallets dressing wheel

The diamond pellets or diamond pallets rings are bonded to the matrix material, and the particle size of the pellets ranges from W7 to W40. Mainly used for polishing machine plate polishing sheets(PU sheets) and grinding machine grindstone correction. The matrix materials are usually ductile iron, stainless steel and aluminum parts, etc., .The form of inner hole has round and plum blossom shape. It is mainly used for precision polishing machine of semiconductor optical chip, and can be used for correction of disk surface of 4B-30B various double side machines.


1. The choice of pellet size in high speed finishing grinding requires both high grinding efficiency and good surface roughness of diamond grinding tools.

For the first step of fine grinding, it is advisable to use W28 or W20.

For the second step of fine grinding, it is advisable to use W10 or W7.

Some special parts may need the third or fourth step grinding, grit they can choose W28, W14, W10, W7, etc 

If only one fine grinding step, then W14 is appropriate.

2. Selection of concentration: too low or too high concentration of grinding efficiency and quality are adverse. The most suitable concentration is not uniform. Domestic is 30 ~ 50%; Internationally, it's 45%

3. Metal binder is widely used at home and abroad in high speed fine grinding

4. Shape and dimensions of fine grinding pallets 

(1). Shape of fine grinding plate: generally round, there are also rectangular abroad. While round shape has three forms: flat, convex and concave.

(2). Size of fine grinding pallets: mainly refers to the diameter and thickness of the grinding pallets. In addition, there are diamond layer thickness and radius of curvature.

Diameter of the pallets: depend on the radius of curvature of the fine grinding mould, the diameter and the diameter of the wheel disc , while thickness of the fine grinding pallets mainly depend on the diameter of the fine grinding pallets.


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