Characteristics of abrasive belt grinding

December 14, 2020

High speed abrasive belt is used as grinding tool, the method of grinding various surfaces is called abrasive belt grinding.


  abrasive belt


Advantages of abrasive belt grinding

1.High production efficiency, abrasive belt of sharp grains, cutting large. Abrasive band width, large grinding area, productivity 5 ~ 20 times higher than grinding wheel.


2.Grinding energy consumption is low, due to the light weight of sand belt, small size of contact wheel and tensioning wheel, small inertia of high-speed rotation, so small power loss


3.Good processing quality, it can ensure constant speed work, less heat, no dressing, sharp abrasive, sand belt heat dissipation conditions, can ensure high precision and small surface roughness value.


4.The belt is soft and can stick to the forming surface for grinding. It is suitable for grinding all kinds of complex shape surfaces.


5.Abrasive belt grinder is simple in structure and safe in operation.


Disadvantages of abrasive belt grinding

Abrasive belt consumption is faster, Abrasive belt grinding can not process small diameter hole, blind hole, also can not process the outside circle and gear step. You can use MORESUPERHARD diamond or CBN inner grinding wheel to process small diameter holes.

  abrasive belt  abrasive belt