High Precision Electroplated Diamond and CBN Wheels, Plated Wheels

High precision electroplated diamond / cbn wheels

Plated profile grinding wheels 

Shapes: flat, dish, bowl

Product Details

Electroplated diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) tools are made up of a basic single layer or multi-layers (depending on application) of either diamond or CBN particles that are bonded to the tool surface using a nickel matrix. 

Applications of electroplated diamond and cbn grinding wheels

Plated cbn diamond grinding wheels are used for precision grinding, contouring, scoring, facing and internal or external grinding. Precision grinding ceramic and quartz, drilling and chamfering for the glass panel of the smart phone and tablet computer, grinding end-mill and drill, etc

Diamond: Tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, technical ceramics, fiberglass, plastics, composite materials, stone, marble, glass, non-ferous metals and rubber

CBN: High speed steel (HSS), pressure steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and nickel superalloys

Advantages of electroplated diamond cbn wheel

1. A more aggressive bond, lower initial costs, high performance and long-lasting durability for extended usage.

2. Retain their original shape and dimensions throughout their working life. 

3. Electroplating allows abrasive particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation.

4. Allow special shapes and profile tools to be made at short notice.

5. Cause very little change on wheel shape after used, suitable for precision grinding.



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