What material can Virtifed CBN grinding wheel process?

September 08, 2022


Vitrified bond CBN grinding wheels are increasingly used in the fields of grinding micro-bearings in the inner circle (for magnetic tape, video recorder and office automation equipment), grinding cams or grooves, or honing automotive parts. This is because vitrified CBN grinding wheel or honing strip is different from resin, metal or electroplating bond CBN grinding wheel, it is particularly suitable for the above field of large-scale production needs. This paper mainly discusses the differences of CBN grinding wheel with different bond agents and their grinding effects, enumerate some practical examples of cubic boron nitride grinding tools with vitrified bonding agents and the selection methods of grinding parameters and grinding tools specifications.





shaft grinding wheel

Vitrified bond CBN abrasives can be either pores abrasives or non pores abrasives. The latter uses a similar method to resin, metal bond cubic boron nitride abrasive. Stomatal abrasives are especially suitable for large-scale production processes that require prolonged grinding. The CBN abrasive has good cutting performance, and the coolant can timely wash the workpiece debris away from the pore of the abrasive tool. In addition, the grinding tool can be trimmed with a single point diamond dresser, these are the pores of the vitrified bond cubic boron nitride grinding tool is better than the pores of the resin or metal bond CBN  grinding wheel.


However, the electroplating bond cubic boron nitride grinding tool is widely used in fixture grinding and slow feed grinding, but it can not be trimmed; It is suitable for grinding, but can not obtain high workpiece accuracy. In addition, because it has only a single layer of abrasive, abrasive tool service life is short. The vitrified bonded cubic boron nitride abrasive tool is different. It can be trimmed by the way of dressing ordinary abrasive tools, and the number of dressing is very few. This means that the abrasive tool life is longer, machining workpiece accuracy is higher.

Characteristics of vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheel:
The grinding wheel has a porous internal structure, the bond has a strong control force on CBN, cutting sharp, grinding force is small, the grinding wheel keeps high grinding efficiency, avoid workpiece surface burns and micro cracks. The workpiece surface is in the state of compressive stress, which improves the compressive and fatigue strength of the workpiece, and the durability of the workpiece is increased by 10%-30%, while the life of the grinding wheel is 30-100 times longer than that of the corundum grinding wheel. The grinding wheel has high strength and good impact resistance, and the linear speed can reach more than 60m/s.

crankshaft grinding wheel CBN internal grinding wheel

Materials, workpieces and grinding methods suitable for vitrified bonded cubic boron nitride grinding tools are shown in the following table:

                                  Machinable material


Grinding method









Tool steel 


SKH HSS (M series)

Drill bit, tap, end mill, broach, hob mill, tool head

External circular grinding, surface grinding, tool grinding

SKS Alloy Steel (T series)

Broaching tool ,drill, tap, end mill, broach, hob mill, tool head

Profile grinding

SKS Alloy Steel (0 series)

Mold, positioning device



Internal grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, jig grinding, centerless grinding

SKS Alloy Steel (D series)

screw plate


SK Carbon Steel (W series)

Molds, industrial tools

Internal grinding, surface grinding






Structural use alloy steel

SC(Carbon Steel )

Camshaft, sewing machine parts

Surface grinding, CAM grinding

SGM(4100 series)

Gear (shaft hole), fuel injector, pressure cylinder (air, oil))

Internal grinding, surface grinding, CAM grinding

SNC(8600 series)

Pressure cylinder (air, oil) shift CAM, sewing machine parts

CAM grinding and honing


Crankshaft, mold

Internal grinding


Vane pump component

Cylindrical grinding

SCr chrome steel(5100series)

Gear (shaft hole) oil pump

CAM grinding


Bearing Steel


SUJ Bearing Steel




Bearings (for video recorders, cars, etc.)

Internal grinding, surface grinding

Casting steel


Camshaft, compressor parts

Internal grinding, CAM grinding


Superalloy degassed chromium


Inconel Renes


Inconel,Renes (Airplane Part )


Surface grinding 



Stainless steel (not heat treated)



Measuring instruments, sewing machine parts



Surface grinding 


Cast iron


All kinds of oil cylinder


Non-ferrous metals

copper alloy

Electrode (EDM)

Surface grinding, flute grinding




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