The influence of raw materials on grinding wheel life

January 08, 2021
Diamond grinding wheel is generally composed of diamond abrasive layer, transition layer and matrix.
The quality of diamond abrasives directly affects the quality of the grinding wheel. Most of the vitrified diamond grinding wheels we produce are used for grinding and polishing, so we use more micro powder grade materials. The control of the particle size of diamond micro powder is particularly important. The lengthwidth ratio of diamond micro powder particles should not be more than 1.5 times, and there should be no super-wide particles. As long as there are coarse particles that exceed the size, the workpiece will be scratched, they will cause scratches on the workpiece and waste all the previous work in the previous process. Exceeding standard particles as shown in the figure below:
Diamond grinding wheel
If this material is used to make a grinding wheel, the quality of the edge of the PCD tool will be unstable, and it is easy to produce chipping. Therefore, the inspection of micro powder quality is an important link to ensure the quality of grinding wheel. This can ensure that the quality of the cutting edge of the PCD tool, the service life of the tool and the cutting efficiency can maintain a good stability.
However, the defects of some materials cannot be observed by the naked eye. There are many instruments for measuring the particle size of micro powder. Observed under a microscope, a good micro powder has good transparency. The transparent core is surrounded by a black outline, and the strength is relatively high; the whole black micro powder has many internal impurities, many inclusions and low strength. To achieve a better grinding effect, the material must be rounded, well concentrated, and thick.
grinding wheel
Micropowder sample
Most of the vitrified diamond grinding wheels we produce are used for the grinding and polishing of precision PCD tools. Generally, the quality of the cutting edge of PCD tools requires 50 times magnification without chipping, and the high requirements are 200 times magnification without chipping, Even 5 μm edge accuracy
We usually conduct tests according to the customer's requirements. After our tests, we found that if some thinner materials are mixed into the material, the density of the grinding wheel will be uneven when the grinding wheel is pressed, which will cause diagonal cracks. The crack is invisible and cannot be observed on the surface, but when the pressed material ring is broken apart, it will be found to be broken along the crack. When customers use this kind of grinding wheel to process workpieces, the cracks will be easily broken and accidents will occur.
PCD tools
If the strength of the diamond abrasive is relatively low, the particle size is uneven, or there are more flakes, After sintering, the material ring will expand greatly, which will cause the hardness of the grinding wheel to be insufficient and the size will exceed the standard, which will reduce the life of the grinding wheel and the number of PCD tools processed will also be sharply reduced. Through these series of tests. Our goal is to help our customers become more trusted suppliers for end users.
We realize that we must start from the source of the material. If the raw material is not well controlled, no matter how hard we try, it will only get half the result with half the effort.. Through our series of tests and discussions with industry experts, we found that the best raw materials we need are customized. The choice of suppliers is our biggest problem. We need stable and reliable suppliers.
We have released the news of purchasing raw materials on Douyin and the official account. Many domestic suppliers have also sent us samples and test reports. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them for their support to our work.. We have gone through many hardships and finally reached an agreement with a suitable supplier. Although the price exceeded our expectations, we still happily accepted it because the improvement in the quality of our products made us feel that the cost issue was insignificant.
diamond / cbn wheel
Part of the product collection
Now we still insist that each batch of orders should be tested first. After the success of the experiment, we will officially produce the order. Must be tested before leaving the factory, Strive to be a reliable and stable supplier.