Magnesia grinding wheel

September 02, 2020

Calcined at 800 ~ 850℃, calcined with natural magnesite as raw material, magnesia is a kind of fine powdery gas rigid cementation material. The color is pure white, or gray, or near pale yellow, fresh material has a shimmering glassy sheen. Specific gravity 3.2, bulk density 800 ~ 900 kg/m3, magnesia content not less than 75%, coagulation time: initial coagulation no earlier than 40 minutes, final coagulation no later than 7 hours.


Magnesia grinding wheel with high brittleness and automaticity. The grinding wheel will not make the product anneal. Due to the existence of special pores, it can quickly remove the grinding chips without clogging, avoid burning the workpiece, and will not make the falling chips grind the surface of the workpiece for the second time, making the surface path of the workpiece clear and consistent. Suitable for grinding metal materials with high strength, low thermal conductivity and high toughness.

 Magnesia grinding wheel


1.    Excellent material, high hardness, good grinding effect, high surface finish.

2.    Product sand grains uniform, not easy to fall sand, long use cycle.

3.    Less machining wear, long service life, high grinding ratio.

4.    It can process all kinds of high hardness materials with high cost performance and stable quality.

5.    No grinding wheel dressing, good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, large grinding feed, no knife burning.



1.    Used for grinding hard and brittle materials such as printing blades, food blades, plastic blades, wood blades and metal materials.

2.    Used for cup sand wheel shape processing and electrolytic grinding of hard alloy data, and grinding of cup type grinding wheel in the middle of grinding.

3.    Used for grinding of various scissors, hair cutting tools and car brake pieces of stainless steel, manganese steel, carbon steel, composite steel and other materials.

4.    Used to lay the ground, make artificial marble and stone, widely used in decorative works.


Applicable industry: processing center, steel structure factory, construction site, casting factory, maintenance center, decoration construction

 Magnesia grinding wheel