How to improve the edge grinding quality of glass?

May 13, 2022

After cutting the glass material should be used for edge grinding.


How to smooth the edge grinding? 

Glass cutting needs to use glass edging machine for edging processing glass edging machine is mainly through grinding head motor and grinding wheel to achieve glass grinding and polishing, ordinary unilateral/bilateral edging machine can achieve rough grinding and fine grinding and polishing once completed customers can choose different grinding wheels according to their own processing requirements.

glass cutting

Glass grinding generally using metal diamond grinding wheel, a glass plate grinding equipment includes: a number of parallel and horizontal rotation of grinding disk. A rail support body extending horizontally above the grinding disc. A plurality of supporting bodies slide freely along the track and have a frame with an upper panel with a vertical movable pressure plate mounted with a glass plate. A plurality of transmitters reciprocating along the track support body, and each is detachable connected with the frame. Reciprocating motion as well as a parallel to the rail support body, and make the top pressure on the living level of grinding disc reciprocating motion component.

 metal diamond grinding wheel for glass edge grinding float

 Float glass and laminated glass flat processing with metal diamond grinding wheel, from 3 mm thick mirror glass to glass, even is the sandwich glass, you can use the same tools, to achieve excellent edge processing, and performance Glass edge grinding needs to go through many processes: first use the diamond edge grinding wheel of metal bond agent, then use the coarse and fine, and it is very normal to have the edge breaking.

Second, use the diamond edge grinding wheel of resin bond agent to grind the grinding surface without edge breaking. 

Step 3: Sometimes you want the edges to be polished like mirrors. This needs to use polishing wheel, no longer use diamond, use low hardness polishing abrasives such as iron oxide and cerium oxide.

About the feed you can choose:

 Feed speed:

below 8mm (speed 2.5m)

10 -19mm (speed 1.5m)

Moresuperhard have metal cup wheels, with continuous, segmented and semi segmented rim, for flat edge grinders and beveling machines,for edging, coarse grinding, middle grinding and fine grinding of architectural and furniture glass.

metal doamond grinding wheel for glass

Grinding Machine can Moresuperhard metal diamond grinding wheel matched?
Straight edge machine, beveling machine, bilateral machine, numerical control machine,such as Bavelloni, Bottero, Glassline, Schiatti,etc.




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