Application of diamond grinding wheel in semiconductor industry

November 19, 2021

The difficulty of ultra-precision processing of gallium oxide crystal lies in its high hardness, brittleness, anisotropy and easy cleavage, resulting in unstable processing accuracy and surface quality and high fragmentation rate.

In recent years, based on the principle of workpiece rotary grinding diamond wheel ultra-precision grinding technology (figure 33) due to its high utilization rate of abrasive, low processing cost, high machining accuracy, the advantages of easy to implement process automation, instead of traditional free abrasive grinding, such as silicon, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide hard brittle semiconductor chip formation is widely used in the processing.

The diamond grinding wheel of #800(particle size 20 μm) can quickly remove the surface material of gallium oxide wafer without cleavage breaking, but the surface damage is serious and there are a lot of obvious microcracks. The surface quality of gallium oxide wafer grinding with diamond wheel 1000(grain size 16 μm) was significantly improved, and only a few microcracks were observed on the wafer surface. The ultra-smooth surface processing technology of gallium oxide wafer was determined by using #800 diamond grinding wheel, #1000 diamond grinding wheel and silica sol polishing solution successively.

More Superhard provides diamond tools for the semiconductor industry including

semiconductor industry

► Diamond Bandsaw Blades
 Cutting silicon ingot in semiconductor industry. Thery are also cut sapphire ingot , quartz glass, etc
Edge shapes diamond bandsaw blades: continuous, segmented ( half moon) and serrated shape
 Cylindical / Surface Grinding Wheels
Peripheral grinding of silicon ingots, or processing the outer surface of silicon ingots and to make orientation flat

cylindrical grinding

 Edge Grinding Wheel

Edge wheel/ chamfering wheels for silicon and sapphire wafer edge grinding. A small diamterer wheel for notch grinding
 Dicing Blades ( Hub type and Hubless type)
Ultra - thin diamond dicing blade ( hub type and hubless type) for scribing silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap)
► PU Polishing Pad
Polishing and finishing of glass, LCD/LED substrates, precision optics, hard disk, metal and semiconductor wafer surfaces

The water-based GO grinding fluid can significantly improve the lubrication performance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece in the grinding process, and the friction coefficient between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is significantly reduced compared with the traditional water grinding liquid. Furthermore, when a water-based GO grinding fluid with 0.1% mass fraction of GO is used to process wafers, a dynamic lubrication film of GO is formed between the grinding wheel and the workpiece contact surface, which greatly reduces tangential grinding force and improves the surface quality of the grinding wafers.

In order to improve the surface/sub-surface quality of gallium oxide wafer grinding by workpiece rotation method, it is necessary to reduce the cutting depth of grinding wheel grains in the grinding process. The smaller the cutting depth of grinding grains, the smaller the surface and sub-surface damage of grinding wafer.



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