Analysis of Causes of Burning Workpieces on High Speed CBN Grinding Wheel

September 22, 2020

When the high-speed CBN grinding wheel is grinding the workpiece, we often find that there will be burns on the surface of the workpiece, which is related to the high-speed operation of the CBN grinding wheel. The main types of burns on the workpiece are linear or non-continuous linear; the grinding direction of the deformed grinding wheel shows two types of black spot-like burns.

 high-speed CBN grinding wheel


What causes the workpiece to burn during the high-speed CBN grinding wheel grinding process

1. The hardness of CBN grinding wheel is too high or the particle size is too fine;

2. The speed of the grinding wheel is too much for the high-speed workpiece;

3. Insufficient supply of cutting fluid, too much feed, and poor heat dissipation conditions;

4. CBN grinding wheel dressing is not performed in time or the quality of the dressing is not good;

5. Excessive vibration of the grinding wheel may cause burns due to continuous changes in the grinding depth of the workpiece;

6. The clamping of the grinding bow and arrow is not strong enough, and the workpiece stops rotating during grinding, etc.;

7. The workpiece burns too deeply during rough grinding, and the amount of fine grinding is too small to be worn off.


How to distinguish whether the workpiece is burnt?

It can be checked out by regular pickling. When the pickled surface of the workpiece is wet, we must quickly perform a visual inspection under a fluorescent lamp. Workpieces that are not normally burnt are uniformly dark gray.


If the crack is cracked, it is a grinding crack; if it is gray or dark mottling, it is a decarburization phenomenon; if it is a soft spot, if there are cloud-like dark black spots and the perimeter is not fixed, it is soft Point; if it is a burn, if there are dark patches, continuous lines or discontinuous lines on the surface of the workpiece along the grinding direction of the grinding wheel, it is a burn phenomenon.


When grinding the workpiece, if there is a burn, we must find the cause in time and take limited measures to solve it. Only in this way can we grind a standard quality product.