2019 China Machine Tool Exhibition

February 27, 2019

China Machine Tool Exhibition

China Machine Tool Exhibition

Exhibition overview

diamond / cbn wheel

Organizer: Shanghai Huapin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Time: February 26th - March 1st, 2019

Hosting address: Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

Theme exhibition area: metal cutting machine tool exhibition area, metal forming machine tool exhibition area, tool cutting tool exhibition area, machine tool accessories exhibition area, smart factory exhibition area

Professional audience: automotive manufacturing, machine tool, medical equipment, aerospace, mold manufacturing, general machinery, electronic 3C, instrumentation, computers and components, engineering equipment, household appliances, etc.

diamond / cbn wheel

*Metal Finishing Machines area: EDM, wire cutting machine, micro hole machining, engraving machine, marking machine, hydraulic press, etc. for car, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, machining center, etc.

*Metal forming machine tools area:CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, band sawing machine, shearing machine and other sheet metal CNC machining equipment; high-speed precision punching machine, servo press, open press, closed Presses, extruders, CNC turret punch presses, servo crank presses, etc.; die (laser die), CNC turret punching die, bending die, multi-station progressive die, etc.

*Work Measure Cutting Tools area:Various profile machining tools, combination tools, non-standard tools, tool coatings, tool materials, tool accessories, grinding machines, various types of grinding tools, grinding materials, grinding accessories and accessories, manual, pneumatic, power tools, etc.

*Machine tool accesory area:Various machine tool components, machine tool accessories, machine tools, etc.; pneumatic and hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices, etc.; lubricants, industrial cleaning, logistics equipment and other related products.

diamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheeldiamond / cbn wheel

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